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American Milking Devon

We currently have several beautiful spring heifer and bull calves available. These calves are the product of our line-breeding program discussed on the Devon page. They will be ready for pick up in the fall. They will have been haltered and handled regularly. From time-to-time we have yearling and mature, bred cows available.  These cows are being sold to make room in our herd for the heifers we are adding to our herd.

We require a $200 per animal deposit with your order. Orders are filled in the same sequence as they are received. Please contact us for more information.

Leicester Longwool Breeding Stock

If you are interested in purchasing OGF ewe lambs, we suggest that you contact us as early as possible as we generally have orders for our ewe lambs, with deposits, before the lambs are born in February/March. 

We almost always have a very nice selection of white and colored ram lambs available.  We also offer an excellent selection of our mature flock rams in order to give our customers a choice of selecting either an adult or a lamb ram for their breeding program.

Wethers can be available for $300 to people who want to raise Leicester Longwools for their exceptional fleeces but are not interested in breeding. Orders for wethers, with deposits, must be placed by February.

We require a $100 per sheep deposit with your order. Orders are filled in the same sequence as they are received.

Leicester Longwool Fleece

OGF white and colored fleeces are exceptionally clean and generally a 5 to 6 inch staple, as we shear twice a year. Longer staple (10 to 12 inches) can be ordered. Price ranges from $8 to $12 per pound. We supply several rug weavers. Contact us for pricing on large orders. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

White Leicester roving is $1.50 and colored Leicester roving is $1.75 per oz.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work hard to ensure that we produce the very best representatives of the breed and take great pride when our customers express their satisfiaction.

Robin Carlson, New York 2017

“Your fleeces arrived and they are gorgeous!The crimp, color, and luster are just perfect. What glamorous creatures they must be in full fleece. My sister and another felter were with me when I opened the box and we were all oooohing and ahhing as I opened each bag.”

Sandra Sebastian, Sadieville, KY, writing about a 2011 heifer calf

“ Bella (her new name) exempliefies all the characteristics of a true American MIlking Devon. She is kind, curious, veryi intelligent and exceptionally easy to handle, not to mention beautiful. She has become a member of our family and we can't thank Richard enough for his excellent attention to her breeding lines and also going the extra mile to work with her before we arrived.”

Lester Lapp, Bird-In-Hand, PA, writing about the two heifer calves and a yearling heifer purchased from OGF in 2010

“I was impressed with the health, size, and nature of the heifers I recieved from you. Thank you.”

Keri Boucher, Scotland, CT (2013)

“My lamb crop out of Darwin is beautiful. All ewes and all white. Their fleeces are gorgeous. Conformation looks great. Also I had him cover two of my cross bred ewes and they produced lambs with the best fleeces they have ever given me.  He is gentle and comes when I call him, couldn't ask for anyone easier to work with.”

Cindy Glatz – CA (2013)

“The fleece arrived today - my first impression is just "Wow!" It is so snowy clean, lustrous, and pretty I have to thank you especially much for it!”

Sandra Sebastian – KY (2012)

“In looking for a family cow I began reading the description of the American Milking Devon I realized this breed had all the traits I was looking for in a family cow. I found Richard through the American Milking Devon Association. He was very quick to respond and I knew immediately that he was very knowledgeable about this breed of cattle. I explained what I was looking for and he felt his heifer met all my criteria.
HE WAS RIGHT!!! Bella (her new name) exemplifies all the characteristics of a true American Milking Devon. She is kind, curious, very intelligent and exceptionally easy to handle, not to mention beautiful. She has become a member of our family and we can't thank Richard enough for his excellent attention to her breeding lines and also going the extra mile to work with her before we arrived.”

Keri Boucher, Scotland, CT (2010)

“Just wanted you to know I just had Duncan sheared and couldn't be happier with his fleece. He has an 8" staple @10 months growth and his fleece weighed in at 11.5# after skirting. I've already washed combed and spun some and it's luscious. His manners are impeccable. We have about 3 weeks 'till we meet his offspring and I can't wait. I couldn't be happier with Duncan. Thanks so much for selling him to me.”

Meg Bush, Landrum, SC (2010)

“I just received the fleeces and was truly blown away... This is by far the most gorgeous fleece I have ever seen. I have not played with it yet. . . just sat there petting it! I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t raise Leicester Longwools...”

Barbara Broomfield, Idaho Falls, ID (2003 – 2009) Hand-Woven Rugs & Saddle Blankets

"The fleeces are excellent! I’m so very pleased. The natural (colored) is stunning – great color and luster. The white is also fabulous – so very clean and no trace of off-white to yellow hint. What a time saver to not have to wash and card. Thank you!"

Loris Blandford, Frankford, DE (2009)

" The fleeces have arrived. And of course, they are gorgeous. Sometimes I think how nice it would be to have sheep -- why with fleece like these!! Your hard work certainly shows!! Keep me posted on the shearing season; I am sure I will need more. Thanks so much"

Penny Thayer, Kent, WA (2009)

"The beautiful white Leicester Longwool fleece arrived yesterday. Thank-you for raising this heritage breed and providing hand spinners with healthy clean fleeces."

Susan Edmunds, Highland Park, NJ Hand-Woven Rugs

"I first met Donna and Richard at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in 2003. I was looking for a reliable source of high-quality fleece and was willing to consider any breed with fleece suitable for rug weaving. After scouting the entire show and talking with many breeders, I kept returning to the Larsons and their beautiful sheep."
"Since then, all of the fleece for my hand-woven rugs has come from Old Gjerpen Farm. The fleece is wonderfully clean. The natural colors are beautiful and the white and lighter colors take natural dyes beautifully."
"Richard and Donna are the best!"

For more specific recommendations or questions, you may e-mail Susan at susan_edmunds7@msn.com.
Susan’s rugs shown below were entered in a juried national show in Detroit. (The entire rug is on the left, with a detail on the right.)

Entire Rug Rug Detail Striped Rug #1 (4’ x 6’, 2005). This rug is woven with three natural colors of OGF Karakul wool (grey, silver, and red) as well as dyed white. Striped rug # 2 (46” x 74”, 2006). This rug shows the naturally black Karakul. The lighter areas are white Karakul yarn that were painted before being woven.
Entire Rug Rug Detail
Entire Rug Rug Detail Striped Rug # 3 (45 ½” x 70 ½”, 2005). In this rug, weft rows of naturally black Karakul alternate with all the other natural colors dyed with madder root. In some places the madder dye is more intense; in other places it is combined with Osage-orange dye. The rug is tapestry woven.

OGF has a flock of very rare Nankin Bantams. Original stock from Colonial Williamsburg. Nankin hens will raise three to four broods of chicks each year.

Nankin Hen Nankin
Roosters Nankin Roosters
Nanikin Hen with Brood Nankin Hen with Brood