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Dedicated to the Conservation of Rare Breeds

Old Gjerpen Farm (OGF) is a link to the past and to the future. Named after the Gjerpen Church in Norway, where Richard's family farmed for centuries, and the Gjerpen Church in Wisconsin, where Richard grew up, our farm is dedicated to help conserve rare breeds of sheep, cattle and chickens since 1989 for future generations to enjoy and cherish.

Adding American Milking Devon (AMD) to our conservation program in 2006, we follow a line-breeding program that consistently produces calves that are long-bodied, well-muscled, with excellent milking capability and outstanding temperaments that are well-suited for small, family oriented homes.

This is our way of introducing the importance of heritage breeds conservation to families, and especially youth, who can carry on this important genetic conservation mission. When you select OGF breeding stock you are receiving both proven quality and our personal commitment to provide professional support to beginning cattlemen. We are happy to provide references.

OGf Virginia Governor OGF Virginia Governor 2018 Grand Champion AMD Virginia Princess OGF Virginia Princess
2019 Grand Champion Female

Successful heritage breeds’ conservation is an ongoing effort. Consistently breeding high-quality stock is a critical component of this effort.

2022 Regional Milking Devon Show

2021 Regional American Milking Devon Show

2019 Regional American Milking Devon Show

2018 Regional American Milking Devon Show

2016 & 2017 VA State Fair Dairy Show